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Who We Are

Friendly, Focused, & Forward-Thinking

At BluPrint Home Loans, we’re committed to developing our team’s professional and personal growth. Our culture encourages employees to achieve excellence through promoting out-of-the-box thinking and rewarding performance and dedication.

We let each role do what they do best, without losing sight of work-life balance.

Enriching Lives. Simplifying Homeownership.

From personalized marketing to the latest technology, we’ll streamline your business’s success.

Full Support

Our dedicated production manager will help you strategically structure your loans, as well as personalize your marketing to grow your brand.

Team Effort

BluPrint’s relationship based operations ensure consistency and performance of collaboration where everyone has a seat at the table.

Straight from our team:

“I love my job, as I get to work and accomplish goals with these amazing team members who are ALL very knowledgeable, helpful, committed and optimistic go-getters. They are truly the best in the industry. The culture here is amazing and is uplifting! I truly enjoy being here and being a part of BluPrint Home Loans and I’m excited for the journey.”


“No single person can master all aspects of the loan process. I believe mortgages are done best as a team sport. We win together, or we lose together, but either way, it will be done as a team. It is my personal goal to work with you directly to identify your strengths and weakness and provide long term support to help you grow your business. My team and I will then work with you to make sure that you can maximize your strengths, focus less on your weaknesses, and spend more time with your clients.”


“The teamwork at BluPrint is the best in the business and every originator knows how lucky we are. You want a company that wants to see you succeed, and BluPrint does that for my family and I.”


“Working at BluPrint is more than a job to me. I truly enjoy what I do, and it’s the best feeling that I can help out team members and help families close loans!”


No smoke screens, shading or filters. Our crystal-clear communication leads us to make better decisions, create positive outcomes, and have greater impact.
Our team is always ready to proactively create solutions and bravely respond to change in the best interest of those we serve. Staying open to new ideas and innovative thinking allows us to tackle challenges, earn victories, and lead by example.
To achieve more together, we recognize the importance of teamwork, the beauty of diversity, and the value of authenticity. We intentionally build purposeful partnerships that propel us towards success for all.
BluPrint Home Loans establishes an energizing environment that encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. We remove obstacles and get out of the way so our team members can run at a winning pace.
By openly sharing and receiving honest feedback, we reliably fulfill the promises we give to our clients, our colleagues, our company and ourselves. Team members fully own all the unique and vital ways they contribute to BluPrint Home Loans’ story.
Whether celebrating our client’s new home, praising our partners’ accomplishments, or applauding our team’s achievements, we relish in life’s successes. Financing homes is our work, bringing smiles is our business, and creating community is our passion.

Culture is what enables teams to defy the odds and achieve the remarkable.

James Currier

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