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Start a Branch.

At BluPrint, we don’t believe one size fits all. We tailor each branch to enhance the manager’s strengths– so we can succeed together.

Align with a lender model built for entrepreneurial minds, purposely sized for optimal support and flexibility in an ever-changing industry.

Setting You Up For Success

We offer both Retail and P&L based models to meet the individual leaders’ career goals in their markets. With a direct line of communication to executive leadership, you can be sure that your pricing and compensation is never stepped on, and your voice will always be heard.

BluPrint Support Offerings - Start A Branch - Careers In Mortgage - BluPrint Home Loans

Full Support

• Best in class technology
• Robust marketing department
• In-house appraisal management, renovation department & more
• Compliance & licensing support
• Dedicated sales recruiters to find loan officers

BluPrint Support Offerings - Start A Branch - Careers In Mortgage - BluPrint Home Loans

Income Potential

• Set your own comp
• Sign-on bonus
• Manage your own P&L
• No extra management layers
• Pricing at branch level

BluPrint Support Offerings - Start A Branch - Careers In Mortgage - BluPrint Home Loans

Built for Success

• No over-saturation of territories
• Freddie, Fannie, Ginnie approved
• No overlays
• Robust product offering including Bank Statement, DSCR and Bridge loans

Straight from our team:

“Working at BluPrint is more than a job to me. I truly enjoy what I do, and it’s the best feeling that I can help out team members and help families close loans!”


“The teamwork at BluPrint is the best in the business and every originator knows how lucky we are. You want a company that wants to see you succeed, and BluPrint does that for my family and I.”


“No single person can master all aspects of the loan process. I believe mortgages are done best as a team sport. We win together, or we lose together, but either way, it will be done as a team. It is my personal goal to work with you directly to identify your strengths and weakness and provide long term support to help you grow your business. My team and I will then work with you to make sure that you can maximize your strengths, focus less on your weaknesses, and spend more time with your clients.”


“I love my job, as I get to work and accomplish goals with these amazing team members who are ALL very knowledgeable, helpful, committed and optimistic go-getters. They are truly the best in the industry. The culture here is amazing and is uplifting! I truly enjoy being here and being a part of BluPrint Home Loans and I’m excited for the journey.”


Best Workplace Culture - BluPrint Home Loans

Goodbye Hierarchy.

Hello Possibility.

Never feel buried under multiple managerial layers, because there are none. Let’s work together.

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